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What is gastric sleeve surgery?

For many people, losing weight is a long-term struggle. Diets and exercise can be helpful but they often fail to achieve and maintain long lasting weight loss. Putting on weight again after dieting can be very disheartening, but you’re not alone – it is a normal experience. If you are frustrated when the weight keeps coming back despite continually trying your hardest, it may be worth considering a weight loss operation. And when surgery is part of the answer, one of the most common weight loss procedures is gastric sleeve surgery.

Dr Peter Hamer and his highly experienced Central Coast team regularly conduct gastric sleeve surgery at Gosford Private Hospital and Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital with patients experiencing fantastic results.

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy is the most commonly performed weight loss operation in Australia and will often be the first choice for patients.

With gastric sleeve surgery, the surgeon permanently removes about 80% of the patient’s stomach.

What remains is a small banana-shaped stomach pouch, the shape of a shirt sleeve – hence the name. No other changes are made.

Sleeve gastrectomy has excellent weight loss outcomes. It also has one of the lowest complication rates of all weight loss operations.

Sleeve gastrectomy is performed using keyhole surgery and usually require approximately 1-2 nights in hospital.

What are the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery?

On average, patients lose about 60 – 70% of their extra weight. Many studies have also shown that sleeve gastrectomy is highly effective at treating and even causing the remission of diabetes, high blood pressure and other medical conditions associated with morbid obesity. Patients also report more confidence and vitality and are pleased to be able to engage in more activities.

Is gastric sleeve surgery right for you?

The type of weight loss surgery that’s right for you depends on several factors, including:

  • your weight
  • your medical history
  • any health conditions you may have
  • your expectations

Please discuss these factors with your doctor and whether weight loss surgery is an option for you. Together you can decide if one type of surgery is better suited for you.

Learn more about what to expect from gastric sleeve surgery here.

Could you be an ideal candidate?

The friendly and supportive team at Dr Peter Hamer’s practice are here to help you on your weight loss journey. If you are interested in finding out more and booking a consultation, please contact our supportive team today! Call (02) 4380 8404.



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