affordable weight loss surgery on the central coast

Affordable Weight Loss Surgery on the Central Coast

If eating healthy food and staying active is not helping you lose weight, you might be considering weight loss surgery.

Costs for weight loss surgery in Australia can vary depending on your specific situation, but they don’t need to be daunting. Dr Peter Hamer strives to be as affordable and transparent as possible when it comes to fees, whilst proudly providing a high quality surgery and aftercare,  so you can be confident in your decision and proceed without concern.

What is weight loss surgery?

Patients who are very overweight usually find it more challenging to lose weight through traditional methods than people who are moderately overweight. Weight loss surgery provides another option for obese individuals who are interested in seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is a blanket term that encompasses several more specific procedure types. It is designed to help patients achieve significant weight loss, typically by reducing the size of their stomach to make it more difficult to eat the large volume of food they are used to consuming.

Sleeve gastrectomy is currently the most common type of weight loss surgery in NSW. In this procedure, a large portion of the stomach is removed to reduce the amount of food the patient can comfortably eat. Other options include the insertion of a gastric band, which reduces the usable portion of the stomach without removing it; and gastric bypass surgery, which reroutes part of your digestive system to keep you from absorbing as much food.

How much does weight loss surgery cost?

Weight loss surgery can be an excellent option for the right person. As with any voluntary surgery, you should carefully consider the costs and the potential benefits before deciding to go ahead.

The cost of weight loss surgery can vary significantly depending on where you live, the type of surgery you choose, and the hospital where you have the procedure done.

Costs for weight loss surgery vary depending on whether or not you are covered by your private health insurance. 

Dr Peter Hamer and his team pride themselves on providing a high-quality comprehensive service at an affordable price to help their patients to enjoy their life to the fullest. All quotes include surgery, dietitian costs, and bulk-billed follow up in an attempt to minimise hidden costs/extra out of pocket costs.  This is so you can access appropriate aftercare without concern. 

Dr Peter Hamer’s current sleeve gastrectomy pricing

How much does a sleeve gastrectomy cost with insurance?

Out of pocket costs for a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy including surgeon, anaesthetist, assistant and aftercare are around $5000. 

This includes:

  1. dietitian for 12months
  2. bulk billed visits with Dr Hamer for 3 years after your surgery
  3. ‘no gaps’ for any surgery related to your sleeve (with the exception of surgeries for weight gain) for 3 years after surgery.

How much does a sleeve gastrectomy cost without insurance?

For patients interested in self- funding their surgery, a detailed quote will be provided at your initial consultation.

Current quote for a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy with Dr Hamer at Gosford Private Hospital or Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital is between $16,500 and $17,000

This includes:

  • hospital expenses,
  • surgical fees
  • anaesthetic fees,
  • dietitian for 12months
  • bulk billed follow up with Dr Hamer for 3 years.

Find out more information about costs here.

So don’t delay, Dr Peter Hamer and his caring, experienced and highly supportive team are here to help you!

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