Q & A with Peter Hamer

Dr Peter Hamer is an experienced general and upper gastrointestinal surgeon who is excited to be able to offer a world-class surgical service on the Central Coast.

Dr Peter Hamer is dedicated to staying at the forefront of his field and is recognised as a leading local weight loss surgeon. He is the first surgeon on the coast to have attained ANGSOSA qualifications (specialist upper GI/weight-loss surgery).

We sat down with Dr Hamer to discuss how he got into this profession and what he loves most about it.

Q & A with Dr Peter Hamer- Leading Central Coast weight loss surgeon

What made you go into this area of surgery?

I enjoy seeing the benefits of surgery and the amazing life-changing impact this can have on people.  I also enjoy the technical advanced laparoscopic skills and applying these to this area.

How do you become a weight loss surgeon? What qualifications do you need to attain?

I studied 6 years of med school, and 8 years to finish general surgery training.  From there, I studied a further 3 years of advanced laparoscopy and upper GI training in weight loss and advanced cancer surgery including overseas experience in Edinburgh Scotland and New Zealand.  I am the first surgeon on the coast to have attained ANGSOSA qualifications (specialist upper GI/weight/loss surgery)

What are the key benefits of weight loss surgery for patients?

For people who have struggled with weight for years, this is the only tool we have that is proven to give someone a realistic chance at not just losing weight but at being able to keep it off long term.  Everyone can lose weight on a diet but 99% of people yo-yo back up within a couple of years.  Losing weight and being able to keep it off is life-changing for people both with day-to-day life being able to do more, but also with the countless health benefits. 

What is the most popular weight loss procedure on the Central Coast and why?

Sleeve gastrectomy is the most popular surgery.  It is a fantastic operation that works well in the majority of people but also for such a significant surgery is surprisingly low risk. 

How long does it take to recover after surgery?

For the vast majority of patients, people are up and walking on the day of their operation or by the morning after. Most people can return to work within 1-2 weeks after surgery.

Why are more patients choosing to explore weight loss surgery than in the past?

Surgery is the only realistic option to lose weight AND keep it off for most people. More and more people are choosing to have it now as they see the success their friends and family have had with it. 

What’s the best part of your job?

I enjoy all parts of my job but one of my favourites would have to be seeing people at their 1-year follow-up when they have lost the weight and they just look so happy and healthy.

Do your patients need a referral?

Yes, to see a specialist surgeon in Australia who has undergone recognised training you will need a referral from your GP. 

Find out more about Weight loss surgery

Consultations with Dr Hamer can be made at 33 Etna St Gosford and Kanwal Medical Complex.  Appointments at both sites can be made by calling 4380 8404.  You can have your operation booked at Gosford Private Hospital, Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital

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