Wait list

Dr Hamer has no wait list for weight loss surgery.  If you decide to proceed a date for surgery will be given on the day of your consultation.  

Please note that if you have a larger BMI or other medical problems, sometimes other consultations or processes may need to occur prior to surgery to ensure your operation is as safe as possible.  If you are accessing superannuation to pay for some or part of your surgery costs, please allow enough time for this to be processed before your surgery date.  


Gosford Clinic 

All patients are offered an appointment with Dr Hamer within 1-2 weeks.

An operation date can be arranged at your consultation.  For most patients the next available operation date is usually in 2-3 weeks, this allows time for your preoperative visit with our dietician and for your two week optifast diet.  


Tuggerah Lakes Clinic

All patients are currently being seen within 2 weeks.  Your consultation with our Sue our dietician is usually on the same day immediately following your consultation with Dr Hamer.  

Operation dates at Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital are usually 2-3 weeks after your consultation, to allow time for your 2 week optifast diet.  


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