An endoscopy, otherwise known as panendoscopy or gastroscopy is a telescope test to examine your oesophagus (gullet), stomach and the first part of your small bowel (duodenum).  It is a very safe procedure and carries only a very small risk of injury to your oesophagus or bowel.

What to expect

You will be admitted to the hospital on the day of your procedure.  You will be given medication through a drip in your arm to sedate you and make the procedure more comfortable.  After your procedure you will wake up in the recovery area of the hospital where specialized recovery nurses will look after you and ensure you recover from your sedation safely.  After the nurses confirm that you are recovered, you will be given something to eat and drink and allowed to leave.  Dr Hamer will let you know what was found on the day of the procedure.  

After discharge

After discharge, the effects of the sedation can take 24 hours to wear off.  You need to avoid driving, operating machinery, drinking alcohol, climbing ladders, or make any important or legal decisions.  You should have a responsible adult with you for this 24hr period. 

Problems:  Complications are very unusual.  If you do have any problems you have multiple ways of accessing help.  During office hours you can contact Dr Hamer's rooms or your GP.  For more pressing problems or after hours you can also contact the emergency department at the hospital.


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